1. Installation Based Products in Hospital and Laboratory


  • Medical Gas Pipeline System: We are the local distributor of Tri-Tech Medical Inc. USA. And for the Medical Grade Copper Pipe we distribute the KEMBLA, Australia.


  • Electrical System: For all kind of high tension system, we represent the Substation manufacturer BETELCO.


  • HVAC
  • Building Management System

2. Furniture for Hospital and Laboratory & Pharma:

We are the local Distributor of Hebei Phukang Medical Furniture of China

  • Electrical Functional Beds


  • Medicine Cart

  • Emergency Cart

  • Bed Side Cabinet


  • Patient Trolley


  • Laminar Flow Cabinet
  • Fume Hood


  • Medicine Cabinet & Medicine Tray

  • Dress Change Cabinet
  • Side Table Reagent Shelf
  • Laboratory Table

3. Clean Room & Clean Room OT and accessories

  • Air Shower
  • Auto Door
  • Hermetic Door


  • HEPA Filter
  • FFU
  • Scrub Station

4. Modular OT and accessories

  • OT Pendant
  • Modular Panel and Floor
  • OT Light (FDA Certified)

  • OT Tables (FDA Certified)

5. Surgical Tools and Equipment

  • All types of Surgical Drill and accessories (FDA Certified)
  • All Types of Surgical Saw and accessories (FDA Certified)


  • Endoscope (FDA Certified)

  • Laparoscopy (FDA Certified)

  • Laryngoscopy (FDA Certified)

6. Hospital Bed Curtain

7. IV Poles

8. Bed Head Cabinet

9. Nurse Call Systems